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A Look at the Best Collections from New York Fashion Week Fall 2019
The New York Fashion Week scene has always been a little differ ...

A Look at the Best Collections from New York Fashion Week Fall 2019
The New York Fashion Week scene has always been a little different from the other Fashion Weeks. The NYFW has featured themes that are close to the society and portrays themes aiming to project the popular sensibilities. That is why in the latest fashion news, we saw direct clothing and accessories displaying recent social and political movements. The credit goes to the fashion designers who feel the need to work on making the clothing lineup dotted with references from newest social topics and fads.
There were many firsts that we got to see in the New York Fashion Week Fall 2019. Let us check the best collections that featured there.
Oscar de La Renta: The designer duo, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia presented their collection at New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2019. The designers are in love with Spain’s Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral. The grandeur of this décor reflects in the clothing line that has heavy embroidery and embellishments to match. There are full ball gowns and the likes in a bright color that only enhance the Oscar de La Renta fall theme.
Sally Lapointe: The theme of their collection was a tribute to the legend, Elvis Presley. With bright monochromatic gemstone colored suits and with bold lines that were close to the star himself, the Sally Lapointe collection is just for the modern women- representing the strength of character and charisma.
Dion Lee: Starting from the cuts to the functional designs, the Fall Collection of Dion Lee is everything spectacular. The designer has presented flowy trousers with form-fitting tops and clothes that gave contouring a new meaning. Silhouettes and lines only take the priority here.
Longchamp: The feisty mood resonated throughout the collection of clothes this New York Fashion Week ramp. Models in flowy gowns and Boho styled leather jackets or silver embellishments are doing the rounds here. There is a sense of boisterous liveliness in the air.
Lela Rose: The flowy ankle-length gowns and silk trousers or the embroidery on these clothes are enough for any fashionista to go weak on the knees. The designer also brought in some of the best canines from the Westminster Kennel Club to share the stage with these models. The effect was dramatic and yet quite a loving entity generally.
Todd Snyder: The perfect symmetry in a fashion that runs wild in American and European university pop culture is visible in this line. The ankle-length pants are the highlight of this brand. The presence of wide variety in texture or colors suits those who are young at heart.
Brandon Maxwell: The designer, famous for his hospitality and joie de vivre, has come up with vibrant colors and styles. There are bright pinks and in shades of chartreuse and others across gowns. There is a presence of quirky attire too in his collection.
From including models of varying sizes and ethnicities, the designers have projected more diversity than ever. Besides the traditional media houses participating and covering the ramp walks in the latest fashion news, there were also social media celebrities making the most.